Home Theater

Experience the thrill of owning a state-of-the-art home theater — at an affordable price. Never before has the concept of a home theater been so real and achievable.

Home Automation

Imagine the start of your day beginning with lights automatically coming on, your favorite artist starts to play, and meanwhile the blinds slowly open and the coffee pot starts brewing your favorite blend. All this and you haven’t even gotten out of bed!

Commercial Applications

Our state-of-the-art commercial automation packages put you on the cutting edge of systems control. Our variety of touch-screen control systems allow unprecedented control over each sub-system.

What We Can Do For You

We design and install high quality audio/video systems for home and business applications. Our services include Home Networking, Multi-room Audio Video Systems, Home Theater Systems, Lighting & Shade Control. 

Welcome to the future....

Crescendo AAV works with you to uncover your needs in order to design and implement creative control solutions and audio/video experiences for your home or business.


April 14, 2019

Hello! I’d like to introduce myself.  I’m Erica Rasti, Owner Jeremy’s wife, and co-blogger.  In my entries I’ll be expressing my views of the automation and audio/video world based on my experiences living with the technology.  Unlike Jeremy, I wasn’t exposed to or interested in this topic until I had it handed to me to play with.  Now that I know how it benefits my daily life, I’m slightly hooked on it!


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