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3 Great ideas for your outdoor entertainment space

Spring is in full swing and there isn’t a better time to update your outdoor entertainment space.  Before the sweltering Louisiana summer gets here, let’s look at a few simple ways to make your patio, pool or cabana more enjoyable:

Thinking about getting a new HDTV for your main living space? Move the existing one outside!

This has been a trend we’ve been seeing quite a bit lately. With 4K displays and other new TV technologies on the rise, more and more people are upgrading their main viewing areas and moving their existing ones outside. Pair your new outside display with an HDMI matrix switch to enjoy a movie from your Apple TV or watch the game in HD from your cable or Satellite box.

Keep the event going with some serious sound!

The variety of outdoor rated speakers has never been more plentiful. If you want a more focused soundstage, all-weather rated flush mount speakers are the way to go! Want to send the sound to a specific area? Try any of our surface mounted all-weather units. Do you have a large space? Let us install our Landscape speakers with a 1000 watt Crown Amplifier and a 12” burial subwoofer. Want something easy to move around? Sonos has 3 portable powered speakers available.

Time to push the “party” button, only in a Crescendo smart home! 

Imagine pushing one button on a keypad or mobile device and watching amazing things happen. A Savant Automation system from Crescendo can do this! With one tap of the finger, your favorite Pandora station starts, the volume goes to the perfect level, your pool fountain kicks on and multiple lights dim to set the mood. 

So there you have it, 3 simple ways to bring your outdoor entertainment experience to an entirely new level.